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Welcome To RideSwell

Tyler Greco

A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children     ~John James Audubon

Happy New Year!  We are glad to have you aboard a deeply personal journey.  

RideSwell is an ambitious name…After all; a swell is about building towards something.  As part of the global community, we strive to be better citizens, to rise beyond ourselves.  From the Greenland ice sheet melting away to vast ecosystem shifts, how we can we make greater strides toward preventing what looks like impending doom?  And where do we start?  

Our goal is to rise to that challenge by bringing our community together around our collective passions.  We believe our experience in this world is one of reciprocation.  We can no longer take without giving back.  Carpooling is one small step down that road.  Each of us can cut down on our emissions, make each other more aware of our carbon footprint and all while make new friends in the process.  We believe this first step is important to leading us toward the next step - environmental activism.  

As we develop the community, we plan on introducing you to some real heroes making amazing strides toward slowing down climate change and making a real difference.  You can help them just by using the app, though we hope it inspires you to become even more engaged through volunteerism and grassroots support.   We will tell you about new ways to get involved as much as we can.   After all, it will take an army and vastly more action than our world governments will settle for.  Still, we felt inspired by the collective agreement on climate change last month in Paris. Though there are many shortfalls in the provisions, we see more hope than anything.  The very reason any pact was signed at all was due to the tireless crusades of so many scientists, volunteers, organizations and activists. Because of their efforts, there are now very real political stakes for leaders not taking action.   And that’s how it should be.  

We’re very stoked to start our adventure with you.  We know making activism part of your active life will make you feel great.   We are blown away by the environmental heroes we’ve discovered so far.  We’ve only skimmed the surface, but our hope is that by introducing you to them - you feel compelled to provide support however you can.   We know you will.  Rise beyond yourself is our daily mantra.   We believe it’s the best way to count on an amazing future for all of us.